Get thinkering in a workshop!

Kids Workshops

Get messy. Get creative. Get making. Get thinkering!

Adult Workshops

Get lost in the process of making. Find your people.

Events & Team

Let's get creative (& a little messy) at your next event.

Introducing 3 New Gift Series for Kids!

Choose from three 4-workshop series that give your kiddos the freedom to cut, stamp, color, & stitch a range of fun gifts!

Explorers Gift Series
walking–3 year-olds

For the younger set of gift makers!

Makers Gift Series
2–6 year-olds

Give your kiddo the gift of!

Builders Gift Series
5–12 year-olds

Kids build the tools to make their own gifts!

Drop-in workshops for kids

Kid Studio!
2–10 year-olds

Gives your kids a space in their week to tinker, explore, & play.

For Adults

Open Studio

A twice-monthly space for creative, time-pressed makers and/or parents.
Do what you want. Pay what you want. (For adults only!)

Mama Makers

Monthly workshop for creative Mamas to boost creativity & hang with fellow makers.

Kinetic Drawing

Full body workshop where your body becomes the tool for making!

For Teams & Party People


Workshops tailored for your group, aimed at connection, reflection, & creative thinking!

& Events

We can bring the open-ended, process-based activities to your next party or event.