Splat! Zoom! Pow! Season Pass

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Splat! Zoom! Pow! is an 8 week series that welcomes all children but is ideal for 3 to 6 year olds.

Each week, we let a new, off-the-wall action word guide our play and activities. You and your kiddo will crunch, rip, and wham with us in this workshop that allows fun materials and techniques to take us out of our comfort zone and into a place that feeds our curiosity. This will expose your child to new process-based approaches to making, and open them to the creative possibilities of the world around them.

Each workshop also offers a little bit of everything else, including messy play, sensory stations and other open-ended activities.

The 8-week workshop series runs each Friday at 10am beginning March 27th and ending May 15th. This pass lets you come to any and all of the eight workshops this season.

Our sibling discount is 50%-off the regular ticket price. If you’d like to register siblings a bit outside our suggested age range for each workshop, we’re usually fine with it if you are! If you do, we’ll be sure to offer materials & techniques appropriate for their age group, as well!

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Other options: register for a 4-week pass here.



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