Makers Gift Series


We want our kids to take ownership of gift-giving as a way to communicate love and appreciation for the people in their lives. But buying gifts for everyone can become yet another to-do list item in a crowded November and December.

Lucky for you, making and giving handmade gifts is an age-appropriate way for your 2 to 6 year-old kiddo to show friends and family how much they mean. And because it’s also affordable, sustainable, and straight from the heart, loved ones appreciate it all the more!

Bring your kiddos to cut, stamp, color, and stitch a range of fun gifts, from cards to towels, ornaments to wrapping paper.

Makers Gift Series is a four-workshop series that runs for two Fridays in November (Nov 15th & 22nd) and two in December (Dec 6th & 13th). It begins at 10am and lasts an hour-and-a-half!

Our sibling discount is 50%-off the first child’s ticket price. If you’d like to register siblings a bit outside our suggested age range for each workshop, we’re usually fine with it if you are! If you do, we’ll be sure to offer materials & techniques appropriate for their age group, as well!

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