Explorers Playgroup Pass

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This is a child and caretaker workshop focused on all things messy and sensory! Your little person will have free reign over the studio, exploring each station and engaging with art and sensory materials.

Getting messy is important for our kids’ development but it can be difficult to set it up at home. Let us set up all the hands-on fun, including paint, homemade playdough, noodles, rice, stamps, spray and more! And then leave the clean up to us, too!

Explorers Playgroup is an eight-week series that runs each Wednesday at 9:30am beginning March 25th and ending May 13th.

Our sibling discount is 50%-off the regular ticket price. If you’d like to register siblings a bit outside our suggested age range for each workshop, we’re usually fine with it if you are! If you do, we’ll be sure to offer materials & techniques appropriate for their age group, as well!

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Other options: register for a 4-week pass here.

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