Activity Kits!

Bags (& one toolbox) full of ideas & opportunities for creative play.

For a limited time, get a Playkit FREE with the purchase of a Magical World Kit, Dream House Kit, or Mixed Media Kit!

Magical World Kit

Make a fairy house, a fairy garden, a mermaid lair, a unicorn tail and horn, & so much more! You’ll  learn about sculpting, construction, a little slime science, & gather some good sensory recipes.

Dream House Kit

Make a cardboard house, a dream playground, and the coolest dream camper! This kit includes supplies & instructions for 20 activities from printmaking, furniture making, collage, & more!

Mixed Media Kit

Each day brings a new material or process for your kiddo to layer onto their own canvas, including paint, pastels, loose parts, collage pieces, & more!

Sculpture Kit

A big bag of miscellaneous awesomeness: wood shapes, art supplies, color, parts, glue (& glue gun) Basically, all the things you need to complete your very own, unique sculpture.

Sensory Play Kit

All the fun things you’d expect from a Thinkery workshop, but for at-home play!
These activities explore multiple sensory experiences, from scooping to pouring & stirring to squeezing.