Meet Mariglynn!

We’re all about supporting your CURIOSITY to ask new questions, engage your hands, and calm your mind.

Mariglynn Likes to Make Stuff

Mariglynn Edlins, Ph.D., is a hugely creative maker and researcher, with an expertise in following her curiosity. She survived graduate school by baking cakes and cookies (and only briefly considered dropping out to start a bakery). She has participated in the 100 Day Project five times.

She currently makes her own clothes, teaches sewing classes, finds solace in quilting, and thrives on creating creative experiences for others.

Mariglynn is a College Professor

Mariglynn works as an Associate Professor of Human Services Administration at the University of Baltimore. She teaches undergraduate courses about social service delivery.

Her research is focused on the interactions that occur between individuals and the public servants who implement public policy. She is particularly interested in interactions that involve children, specifically how these interactions with public servants are different for children than for adults, as well as how to improve these interactions with empathy.

Recently, Mariglynn has turned her focus to the role that curiosity plays in the empathy process and the methods through which we can foster curiosity and empathy.