Let's Get Thinkering!

We’re all about supporting your curiosity to ask new questions, engage your hands, & calm your mind.

What is Thinkering?

Following Curiosity

Messy Play

Process over Outcome

Repurposing materials

Open-ended Projects

Stealing like Artists

Get to Know Us...

Geoff Edlins, PhD

Makes Fun Things

Geoff is curious about how stuff takes up space, especially type & other fun shapes.

Mariglynn Edlins, PhD

Makes Things Fun

Mariglynn is a hugely creative maker & researcher, with an expertise in following her curiosity.

How We Started...

Sculpture with B

Use Your Hands to Free Up Your Mind

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In 2019, we launched Thinkery as a messy curiosity studio. We offered a range of workshops for kids, adults, and teams, all aimed at feeding curiosity through hands-on exploration. It was a blast!

When covid hit in 2020, we did that super popular move that was all the rage: we pivoted! We’re now a virtual studio so we can bring you all the fun opportunities when it works for you (you can make and explore whilte in your pajamas!).

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