Workshops to feed curiosity through hands-on exploration.

What is thinkering?

Thinkering is following your curiosity through direct action. It’s making something to learn about it. The point isn't a final product, but what you learn & experience through the process.

Thinkery is a space for you to...

get messy

Thinkery workshops present new opportunities to explore through sensory activities, making a mess, and tinkering with loose parts.

get lost

At Thinkery, it’s all about the process. We don’t have instructions or an expected outcome. Let’s get lost in the process of making!

get together

Our workshops are designed to feed curiosity, as a way to help us live better lives and improve our interactions with others.

Get thinkering in a workshop!

Kids Workshops

Get messy. Get creative. Get making. For ages 1.5 to 6.

Adult Workshops

Get lost in the process of making. Find your people.

Events & Team

Let's get creative (& a little messy) at your next event.

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